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    The secret for an effective communication?
    Passion, Energy, Creativity
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    Our expertise?
    Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle
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    Respect for the environment always comes first
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    Corporate Social Responsibility?
    We love creating special projects

Juicy Event

Juicy Communication makes every event a special one by concentrating not just on the length of the guest list but on the quality of the occasion.
The way we work involves taking real care to make the events prestigious, magical and fascinating – in a word, perfect.
And they all have a feature in common, one that marks them off from the rest: we’re never, ever complacent.

Juicy Beauty

Behind every beauty product there are the consumers’ feelings and desires.
At Juicy Communication we’re well aware of this when we put our ten-year experience in the cosmetic industry to our customers.
Each of our client firms has a story to tell, but we don’t see it as a bare narrative: to us, it’s the colour palette we use to create the nuance that’s exactly right...

Juicy Fashion

We have the know-how to devise perfect clothes, starting from our clients’ requirements. Fashion changes from day to day; but we pride ourselves on staying the same: always passionate, always genuine enhancers of value. Every client is a brand, and every brand should aim high. We continuously monitor the fashion blogosphere and the great coolhunting sites to leverage the networking trends that raise profiles and boost reputations online...

Juicy Lifestyle

Communication is a delicate balance: fragile and precious.
Your product means as much to us as if it were our own, and to look after it that carefully we study it in every little detail until we know it inside out.
Then, with the same care and passion your very own PR office would show, we convey your brand’s value and boost its popularity through conventional and new media alike.
essence of communication